Second Demo

by Silent Authority

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released August 21, 2014



all rights reserved


Silent Authority Davie, Florida

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Track Name: Life Sentence
just seen as thugs
in the eyes of police
brought to their knees

herded into prison
working for free
modern day slaves
of the elite

jim crow
with a gun and a badge
the war on drugs
enslaving the land
innocent people
sentenced for life
the nation's prisons
just a tool for profit
Track Name: Drone War
living in fear
nowhere to hide
drone war
family home destroyed
by the press of a button
drone war
villages turned to ash
bodies buried in rubble
community controlled by fear
government covers its tracks
the ending of lives
just a flash on a screen
drone war
Track Name: Enhanced Interrogation
handcuffed and bagged
hid from the world
tortures experienced
stories untold
submerged in water
verge of death
eyelids peeled open
forced unrest
enhanced interrogation
fingernails extracted
torn from the hand
nailed to a post
forced to stand
forced confessions
fucked in the head
kept alive
better off dead
you get off to it
don't fucking lie
Track Name: Lawless
body bags
litter the street
deserted homes
residents flee
victims of a fascist regime

violence the law of the land
insurgents take
from who they can

the world looks on
not a voice is heard
a country left in turmoil

kill as they please
no fear of reprisal
a people on their knees
Track Name: Police State
tear gas bombs
explode underneath
noxious clouds
cover the streets

another fucking war
the war on the people
is never ending

endless state violence
disturbing the peace
conditioned fear
of the police
Track Name: Whitewashed
whitewashed history
distorted meaning
symbol of prejudice
not of pride
never understand
from the other side
hoist your flag up high
i'll fucking tear it down
if the south does rise again
i'll burn it to the ground